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Grow your own Gourmet Mushrooms!

  • Grow them right on your kitchen counter
  • Produces up to 4-6 servings of mushrooms per harvest, with up to 3 harvests
  • Everything included
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  • Proudly made in Burleson, TX

Mini Mushroom Farm
Subscription Box 

Only $19
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Surprise Species of Mushroom Each Month!

"We've grown several of these at my house, works every time, it's fun to watch them grow and delicious to eat! My kids even like to their own mushroom dishes. My son made oyster mushroom & veggie fried rice the other day and my vegetarian kid makes a mock fried "chicken". I just like to sauté mine and cover them in herb pesto."

-Holly V.


"My kids absolutely love growing from this mushroom kit! They grew so much faster than I was expecting. We even made a great pasta dish that the kids loved. "

-Stacey B.


"Everything was easier than I thought it was going to be. I just sprayed the kit once or twice a day and within a week it was sprouting mushrooms! It was a great way to try out mushrooms we can't really get here. Thanks!"

-Jonathan A.


How It Works

1. Sign Up

Once you sign up we'll ship out your Mini Mushroom Farm on the 15th of every month

Grown and Shipped
from Burleson, Texas

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2. prepare your kit

Everything you need is included in the box! 

Open the box.

Cut the bag and mist to induce mushroom growth.

Place on your kitchen counter.

That's it!

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3. Mist and watch

Mushrooms grow very quickly! Most will be ready to eat in just 7-10 day.

In order for them to properly form you must provide a humid environment. 

Using the included bottle lightly mist 2-3 times per day

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4. Harvest and enjoy

Now's the best part. Cook up your gourmet mushrooms in your typical dishes for a boost of flavor!

Welcome to the vast world of textures and flavors that gourmet mushrooms can offer.

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1. Sign Up

Mini Mushroom Farm
Subscription Box 

$38 Monthly (50% First Month!)

  • Surprise species of mushroom each month
  • Easily grow on your kitchen counter
  • Free Shipping (Continental US only)
  • Kit includes everything you need
  • Put on Hold or Cancel anytime
2. Prepare Your Kit

Cut the bag to induce mushroom growth

Pull up plastic to create a tent over the substrate

Mist using the included spray bottle

No need for dedicated container or humidity chamber

Indirect natural light is highly preferred by these mushrooms 

Kitchen Counter is a perfect spot for these kits!

3. Mist and Watch

Mist with distilled or boiled tap water 2-3 times daily

Mist to create a humid environment but do not overly saturate the mushrooms.

Mushrooms will grow rapidly after forming

Cut the middle plastic flap to allow for growth after mushroom begin growing

4. Harvest and Enjoy!

Most mushrooms take about 5-7 days to fully form

To harvest grab the entire cluster of mushrooms from bottom

Push up to pop them off the mushroom substrate 

Cook and enjoy

That's it!

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Proudly Made in Texas

Everything Included

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