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Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Live Culture

Lions Mane is quite a different mushroom with an incredible crab meat like texture. This culture is very quick to colonize and aggressive to fruit. It does best on Masters Mix (50/50 Soybean Hulls and Oak Sawdust), however, wheat bran supplementation at 20% works fine. 

What's a Live Culture? - A live culture allows you to skip spore germination and go right to expanding the living tissue. 

Agar Wedge - An agar wedge provides the living tissue of a specific fungus attached to a small piece of agar. You can then place this wedge on a sterile agar plate to expand the fungus in preparation of growing mushrooms. This tiny amount of living tissue is more than enough to grow thousands of pounds of mushrooms. You simply expand the tissue onto an agar plate. Once that plate is fully colonized you then take wedges from that plate and place on to more plates or you can cut up the entire agar plate and dump into a Grain Bag

Plate - A plate is simply a petri dish with a specific fungus growing on the agar gel within it. Plates are one step closer to growing mushrooms since you can inoculate grain spawn with them. Plates provide enough of the fungus to inoculate 2-3 quart jars full of grain spawn.  

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Ask a Question
  • How do I innoculate your hardwood Master's mix with lion's mane culture from the plates you offer?

    Thanks for reaching out! You're missing one of the steps in the process. Here's a general overview of the steps needed to grow mushrooms. 

    1. Agar - Grow out the fungi on agar like the plates we offer. 
    2. Grain Bag - Place a chunk of the agar into a Grain Bag. It'll take about 2 weeks to colonize the grain. 
    3. Substrate - After the grain bag is fully colonized, then put the grain into the hardwood substrate. After 2 weeks the substrate will be colonized and ready to fruit. 

    Hope that helps! We'll be releasing some quick videos of each step here soon.