10 Pack Ready-to-Use Agar Plates

10 Pack Ready-to-Use Agar Plates

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Agar plates are used to germinate spores, isolate mycelium away from contamination and to expand mycelium. Agar is a very nutritious gel that has been sterilized and then poured into petri dishes. These dishes are completely sterile to allow for mycelium to rapidly grow without contamination. 

  • Dried Malt Extract (DME)
  • Selection of color at no extra cost
  • Individually Wrapped Plates
  • Guaranteed 100% Clean

Working with agar is generally considered more advanced and requires a sterile environment to work in. However, a sterile environment could simply be an enclose clear tote (still air box or SAB). 

Due to high demand Agar plates may take 24-48 hours before they ship but most go out the next day. 

Water Agar - This type of agar mixture is simply Agar Agar and Water. No nutrients are added to the mixture. This helps to drastically slow down the growth of your chosen fungi but also slows down other bacteria and molds. This method helps with being able to identify and isolate your chosen fungi without contaminants taking over too quickly. This option does not include any coloring. 

Please Note: Light condensation may occur due to changes in temperature during shipping. Agar is a sterile gel that contains agar, nutrients and water. During shipping the water in the agar may evaporate and condense on the plastic. The condensation should not be seen as a contamination vector since the water itself is completely sterile. 

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How to inoculate at home
We've created a simple video that discusses how to use our agar and grain bags. Watch it here.