Sterile Pre-Poured LB Agar Plate [Individually Sealed] - Midnight Mushroom Co.

Sterile Pre-Poured LB Agar Plate [Individually Sealed]

LB Agar (Luria Broth Agar) is a specially formulated medium that's designed to encourage the growth of bacteria. Yes! bacteria! 

LB Agar plates are preferred by mycologists so they can be sure no bacteria exists in their culture. These plates are typically used for testing cultures (agar and liquid cultures) to give the added assurance that they're clean of contaminants. LB Agar can be used to test production spawn, master cultures and liquid cultures.

Here's the make up of our recipe. 

  • Agar 
  • Tryptone 
  • NaCl
  • Yeast extract (not yeast nutrients) 
  • Distilled Water
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