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Grain Bag with 5 FREE Agar Plates

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Get in on this deal! 

Get 5 Free Agar Plates (random color) with the purchase of a Pre-Sterilized Grain Bag.

These bags are full of hydrated and sterilized whole oats. Use the Agar Plates to germinate spores or expand your existing cultures. Once they're ready to go you can inoculate your grain bag and get ready for bulk. 

Injection ports are included at no extra charge. Every grain bag is made to order. Please allow 24-48 hours before grain bag orders are shipped. 

What is a grain bag?
Grain bags are the first step in growing from either a multi-spore syringe or liquid culture. Once your grain bags are fully colonized, the next step is to mix them in with the substrate. Your substrate will consist of either wood sawdust, compost, manure or cocoa coir. We also sell substrate bags here under Growing Supplies. 

How to inoculate at home
We've created a simple video that discusses how to use our agar and grain bags. Watch it here. 

Wanting to improve your chances of success? 
If you're starting from a multi spore syringe it's best to start them on agar first. Agar gives you the ability to visually see any contaminants. From there you can transfer chunks of good mycelium to more agar plates. After a few days you'll see the healthy mycelium will expand on the new plates. You can repeat this until you have a healthy monoculture of your desired fungi. The process of isolating away from contaminants can take some time but it guarantees your success in growing mushrooms. You can purchase a 10 pack of ready-to-use agar plates here


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