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DrMyc MGP Pure - Maximum Mushroom Growth Promotion

MGP stands for Mushroom Growth Promotion - and DRmyc's PureMGP is the world's first blend of micro-organisms exclusively targeted towards that purpose. This formula encourages drastic yield enhancement and is suitable for use by amateur mycologists, hobbyist mushroom growers, and mushroom farmers alike. With DRmyc's PureMGP blend, you can reliably expect an increase of between 30-70% in yields, while decreasing the time to fruit substantially.

This blend utilizes microorganisms that have the following effects upon your substrate, to promote healthy mycelium and bountiful fruiting bodies:

- Solubize phosphate
- Fix nitrogen
- Solubize zinc
- Solubize potash
- Release VOC's that promote vigorous fruiting
- Decrease time to fruiting, sometimes as drastically as 50% versus untreated
- Increase yields substantially over the substrate lifecycle 
- Increase the viability of secondary flushes & reduce contamination
- Strong passive resistance to bacterial contamination

If you have issues with Trichoderma harzianum, please check out either our TrichEVICT 80/20 MGP blend, or purchase a pure contaminant reducer alongside your MGP to mix together as needed for the severity of your contamination issue. 
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Ask a Question
  • If I was to use this in my fruiting bin, can I boil would I mix it with the rest of my substrate and boil it all together to sterilize? Or would boiling compromise the quality of this product?

    MGP Pure is made up of several bacteria that work with fungi to break down the medium. The bacteria are very resilient and will not be impacted by boiling. Now, if you were to use a pressure cooker to sterilize, that would certainly have an impact on it. Simply boiling is not enough to kill the bacteria.